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I mean I’m certainly inquisitive, and I have better attention now than I did. I think I’m better at focusing my learning now. I love that about what I do about my job too. But also the position of access if gives you for incredible minds and incredible opportunity. It’s fascinating. And to be able to have conversations with other artists in other mediums as well. To understand what their concerns. So I feel more galvanized with my learning now that I used to do. You know, I hold my hands up, people say you didn’t go to Oxbridge, and it wasn’t because I wasn’t bright enough, it might have been that though. I don’t know, maybe I should test myself! Or, maybe not, maybe my IQ is 70 or something! But I’m definitely curious, I’m eager to learn, I always have been. (x)


get to know me meme: [7/5] favorite movies » star wars episodes IV-VI

↳ The Force will be with you, always.

momopuff replied to your post:  Today I bought a new laptop BUT …

that sounds hella confusing O_O

omg IT IS

i really need an addon or something to get it back or someone who can help because it’s very annoying rn

 Today I bought a new laptop

BUT it has Windows 8 on it and i don’t really understand it

WHERE’S the start button?????? why would you remove it why


 by AlexEdg